Installation view of She and Du weißt also nicht, wo und warum?
Außenstelle Kunst, 2024

Installation view of Karma of Existence
Which includes following artworks:
WALL: Frottage and Drawing, 3.75x8.71m
SHE: Performative Video Series with following titles PILE, HIDE, SWAP, WALK, LICK

Gesture#2, 2019-2021, Charcoal and Graphit on Paper, (Set of 3 Drawings) 90x70cm, Rundgang at AbKW, 2021

Reporting Breaking News From Other Side of the World, 2020, Single-channel video, 12min 54sec, Yelena Maksutay+Yoshinori Niwa's Work

Good Morning Pyongyang, 2020, Single-channel video, 2min 26sec

Trailer: Twitter, 2020, Single-channel video, 43sec

Trailer: Searching For My Birth Father, 2020, Single-channel video, 3min 12sec

Gesture#1, 2019, Oil pastel on Paper, 10x1.5m, The installation shot shows the artwork in a length of 5m, All Paper Show at AbKW, 2019

Gesture#1, Close-up

Rhythm, Repetition and Transformation, 2018, Installation of performative drawings, Oil pastel on paper, 3 x 5x1m, 30 x 42x29,7cm, Rundgang at AbKW, 2019

Rhythm, Repetition and Transformation, Close-up, 30 x 42x29,7cm

Millionaire, 2018, Installation view, Video performance, Single-channel video, 7h 12min, 2 x oil pastel on canvas, 95x58cm, Rundgang at AbKW, 2019

Millionaire, 2018, Video performance, Single-channel video, 7h 12min

Requesting people to describe what they see, 2018, Single-channel video, 10min 19sec

Relation to Others, 2017-2018, Installation view, Marker on paper, 50 drawings in 32x45cm format, Rundgang at AbKW, 2019

Relation to Others, Close-up